Independent Registered Investment Advisor and Independent Financial Advisors can now offer clients more diversified portfolio options while helping to resolve the student loan crisis

Phoenix, AZ — August 4, 2023 — MoneyShow Newswire — Yrefy, a lender working exclusively with borrowers and co-borrowers who are in delinquency or default on private student loans, announces Chief Investment Officer and Managing Partner Laine Schoneberger as a guest speaker at the Investment Masters Symposium Las Vegas, August 8-10, 2023. In addition to presenting on the main stage on August 9th, Schoneberger will host a 45-minute breakout session on August 10th and an invitation only luncheon for independent financial advisors attending the conference.

The debate and drama over federal student loans rages on, but for the $200 billion private student loan market, Yrefy is offering borrowers a way to get out of debt while presenting accredited investors with an opportunity to capitalize on a unique financial opportunity. For accredited investors willing to commit at least $50,000 for terms of between one and five years, the net annualized yields range from 6.25% for a one-year commitment to 10.25% for a five-year term.

“We have a Regulation D506c offering maximum flexibility with high fixed returns in a secured and collateralized portfolio with options that don’t exist elsewhere.  If someone is looking for an investment not correlated with the stock market or the Federal Reserve, this is it,” said Schoneberger. “For nearly seven years, Yrefy has had a remarkable track record in a market that has grown to over $45 Billion.  With no current competitors, the founders of Yrefy believe in and understand how capitalism can create a win-win scenario for our clients and investors.”

Accredited Investors with a minimum investment of $50,000, Independent Registered Investment Advisors and Independent Financial Advisors with qualifying clients are invited to learn more about Yrefy SLP4, LLC, Yrefy’s fourth portfolio, a Secured and Collateralized investment opportunity, by visiting

About Yrefy

Yrefy (pronounced why-refi) was established in 2017 by student loan industry professionals to explore a new opportunity to help distressed private student loan borrowers and create a consistent return on investment for investors.  Yrefy has a prudent solution to solving student loan defaults in a time when student debt is crushing younger generations. Yrefy has accomplished a strong competitive advantage because of its extensive experience in the financial, processing, sales, and underwriting world.  The management team has a combined 250+ years of experience in this industry and is still constantly innovating and staying ahead of the competition.


Laine Schoneberger