Orlando, FL — October 25th, 2023 — MoneyShow Newswire — Charles Dombek & Co. is pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious TradersExpo, set to take place from October 29 to October 31 in Orlando, Florida. The event will feature an exclusive presentation by Charles Dombek, the company's Founder and practicing CPA, who will share invaluable insights on tax mitigation and enhancing investment performance through access to off-market investment opportunities not available in the traditional financial markets.

As a seasoned CPA and Wealth Architect, Charles Dombek has consistently empowered clients to recover excessive federal and state taxes, channeling these savings into sound investment strategies that reposition market-based assets into passive real estate and alternative investments. This deliberate focus on tax planning and investment improvement has the potential to accelerate wealth growth significantly.

Key sessions at the event include:
● October 29 (Sunday), 4:25 p.m. ET: "Slash Your Taxes By 30% or More and Create Tax-Free Wealth for Life."
● October 30 (Monday), 8:35 a.m. ET: Keynote presentation on "The Road Map to Wealth Acceleration: Reduce the Cost of Taxation & Improve Investment Performance to Grow Your Wealth Rapidly."
● October 30 (Monday), 12:55 p.m.: "Create and Grow Tax-Free Wealth Like Peter Thiel from PayPal Who Grew His Roth from $1,300 to $5B."
● October 30 (Monday), 3:55 p.m.: Insights on "Recover Up to 70% of Your Federal and State Income Taxes by Investing in Solar Tax Incentives."

Additionally, Charles Dombek & Co.'s dedicated team members will be available at booth 301 on the exhibit hall floor to engage with attendees, discuss opportunities, and provide insights into their services.

About Charles Dombek & Co.
Charles Dombek & Co. is a Wealth Acceleration and Tax Mitigation Company that offers personalized financial strategies to help our clients build wealth and minimize taxes. We know that 80 percent of the ability to grow your wealth rapidly is dependent upon how much you pay in income taxes and how well your investments perform. We have a consistent track record of recovering dollars our clients unnecessarily pay in the form of state and federal income taxes. Our team helps clients responsibly reallocate capital out of market-based investments into passive real estate and alternative investments. Our clients typically save 30 percent or more on their taxes, are able to increase multi-year rates of return by a factor of three or more, and are able to reach their financial freedom goals years, if not decades, before normal retirement age.

For more information, please visit Charles Dombek & Co's official website (charlesdombek.com) or contact us via email at info@charlesdombek.com.