Charlie Shrem is an American entrepreneur and long-time fixture in the cryptocurrency industry. A founding member of the Bitcoin Foundation, he is also general partner of Druid Ventures, editor of the Crypto Investor Network, and host of The Charlie Shrem Show Podcast.

In this fascinating MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast episode, which you can access here, Charlie covers several major developments in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency space – including those most important to both private and public investors. As Charlie noted in a recent Tweet: “THE FLOOD IS COMING. Prepare now.” That’s because the mainstreaming of Bitcoin and developments in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) are unleashing a wave of innovation and investment.

For instance, he believes crypto could be used to improve AI technology by incentivizing the sharing of data in real time. We also discuss Real World Assets (RWAs) and how tokenized securities can bring liquidity and freer trading to formerly illiquid assets. And we talk about how startups are trying to help unlock “locked” Bitcoin for people, but in ways that don’t require them giving up control of their keys to a third party or exchange.

The discussion then pivots to the recent mass approval of Bitcoin ETFs, and what the involvement of more mainstream investors and institutional money in the market will mean. We talk about key regulatory developments and how steps Washington takes in the next couple of years could actually HELP the industry rather than HARM it. Charlie then discusses the differences between some of the more (and less) attractive Bitcoin ETFs. And he names several publicly traded companies that investors can look into if they want to profit in the crypto space.

Finally, we conclude with a discussion of what Charlie will cover at the MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Las Vegas, set for Feb. 21-23 at the Paris Las Vegas resort. Click HERE to register.

Enjoy the segment – and I’ll be back in touch with my next podcast in a week!

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