Jeff Hirsch is editor-in-chief of The Stock Trader’s Almanac, as well as the author of the 2011 book Super Boom. Carter Worth is CEO and founder of Worth Charting, as well as a technical analyst with decades of experience on Wall Street. I talked to both stock market experts at the 2024 MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Las Vegas to get their outlook on the year – and the result is this double-barreled MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast segment.

In the episode, which you can watch here, Jeff explains why he expects a strong year for stocks, with gains of 8% to 15% broadly speaking. His work focuses on market cycles, historical patterns, and factors like the presidential election, all of which are pointing toward a positive year. Jeff explains why investor sentiment isn’t flashing any major warning signs, noting that “bullish sentiment can be bullish and stay bullish.”

He goes on to explain why having a select group of leaders leading isn’t necessarily a problem, either, and highlights recent improvement in market breadth. Plus, he shares some of the investments he likes right now, including in natural gas, copper, infrastructure, and more. Finally, Jeff teases a NEW forecast that will replace and supplant the Super Boom one that panned out.

Next, Carter talks about the problem with traditional Wall Street strategist forecasts – and the problems this market faces. While he isn’t outright bearish, he explains why stocks could struggle to power to, and through, their old highs from early 2022. His expectation? Churning and little net progress for the next six to nine months.

That said, Carter does see opportunity in a handful of contrarian and compelling sectors. Among them? Energy and healthcare. He also shares his reasons why gold looks promising, and why his “bias is that rates go lower.” We wrap our discussion with the four key data points he uses as a chartist – and how they help him identify inflection points.

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Enjoy the segment – and look for your regular weekly Podcast episode on Thursday!

To your financial success,

Mike Larson