Wieland Arlt is a bestselling author, trader, and president of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA).

In this chat recorded the floor of the 2024 MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Las Vegas, which you can watch here, Wieland shares the tips, pointers, strategies, and advice that he has shared with countless followers and students – all designed to help them become more prolific and profitable traders. He underscores why education and training is so important for traders, noting that “there’s no job or occupation you can do within a weekend” (no matter what some would have you believe).


When it comes to methodology, Wieland focuses on identifying and capitalizing on key reversals in overstretched markets – whether in futures, forex, or stocks. He adds that the most successful traders are those who can conquer both psychological AND financial challenges. Otherwise? “First, you’re mad. Then you’re broke.” Finally, Wieland shares the most important advice he has for any trader, whether beginner, intermediate, or expert.

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Enjoy the segment – and I’ll be back in touch with my next podcast in a week!