Pete Najarian is co-founder of Market Rebellion and a long-time options educator and trader. In this MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast episode, which you can watch here, we cover a wide range of big-picture topics like the economy and Federal Reserve well as which stocks, sectors, and asset classes investors should be looking most closely at here.

Pete starts the conversation by reiterating that the early-year talk of five, six, or seven Fed interest rate cuts never made sense to him. Now, markets seem to be on roughly the same page as him – with maybe one cut, maybe no cuts being the likeliest policy outcome for 2024. We also talk about how markets struggled with the evolving rate outlook in April, and why they seem to have made peace with it since then.


The discussion then pivots to corporate earnings and the technology sector – including how many names are now trading as individual stocks with company-specific drivers, rather than simply components of the “Mag 7” mini-conglomerate. Pete also chats about ways investors can play the Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom outside of obvious names like Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL) and Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) – including one or two sectors that might not come to mind first. He goes on to name names he likes in the financial sector...what he thinks about the boom in commodities and precious metals...and what the recent resurgence of meme stocks means for investors and traders.

Finally, we cover his tips for options traders in this environment – including why maintaining your discipline and having a plan (in advance) of any trade are so important. He closes by sharing a sneak peek at what he’ll talk about at the MoneyShow Masters Symposium Las Vegas, set for Aug. 1-3, 2024 at the Paris Las Vegas. Click here to register.

Enjoy the segment – and I’ll be back in touch with my next podcast in a week!