(Sponsored Content) Dana Samuelson is President of American Gold Exchange, as well as a four-decade-plus numismatist, dealer, and trader in the precious metals market. In this sponsored MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast episode, which you can watch here, he lays out his bullish case for precious metals.

Dana believes gold and silver are performing so well – despite occasional, traditional metals headwinds like rising interest rates and a rising US dollar – because of several overwhelming forces. They include surging government debt, strong central bank buying, and geopolitical threats/war in parts of the world.

He notes that global central banks are buying a much larger percentage of mine output today than they were several years ago. One reason: Countries are “de-dollarizing” and looking to insulate themselves from the threat of Western sanctions and/or asset seizures.

Dana next discusses the case for $3,000 gold, $40-plus silver, and a potential recovery in undervalued metals like platinum. Finally, he explains how and why people should consider investing in physical metals – including highly liquid coins from leading national mints – as well as what to watch out for as an investor.

You can learn more about American Gold Exchange at www.amergold.com – and speak to Dana in person at the upcoming MoneyShow Masters Symposium Las Vegas, set for Aug. 1-3, 2024 at the Paris Las Vegas. Click here to register.

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