Our world is changing — and one of the biggest changes is our switch from fossil fuels to renewables in all the many ways we power our transportation, our factories, our homes and our lives, asserts Neil Macneale, editor of 2-for-1 Stock Split Newsletter.

One of the side effects of this change will be an adjustment in the mix of natural resources we will need to make the energy conversion a reality.

To build the millions of electric motors, charging stations, etc., that will be coming, a dependable and greatly expanded supply of copper will be right at the top of the list of natural resources needed in the very near future. Toronto-based PolyMet Mining (PLM) is perfectly positioned to take advantage of this explosion in the demand for copper.

PolyMet — a favorite speculation for the coming year — is a mine development company that owns 100% of the NorthMet Project, the first large-scale project to have received permits within the Duluth Complex in northeastern Minnesota, one of the world's major, undeveloped mining regions.

NorthMet has significant proven and probable reserves of copper, nickel and palladium — metals vital to infrastructure improvements and global carbon reduction efforts — in addition to marketable reserves of cobalt, platinum and gold.

When operational, NorthMet will become one of the leading producers of nickel, palladium and cobalt in the U.S., providing a much needed, responsibly mined source of these critical and essential metals. Located in the Mesabi Iron Range, the project will provide economic diversity while utilizing the region's established supplier network and skilled workforce.

PLM is currently near the bottom of its 12-month trading range. A few permitting issues remain, making this, undeniably, a very speculative stock. However, in my opinion, pressure to increase responsible domestic production of copper, both from the market and from Washington, will soon push Polymet into production and profitability.

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