Welcome to the unveiling of our MoneyShow Top Picks 2023 report. Every year for nearly four decades, our editorial team has surveyed the nation's leading newsletter advisors and stock market experts asking for their favorite investments for the year ahead. This year's report includes 114 ideas for the new year. 

We will be sharing our 2023 Top Picks over the next several weeks on the MoneyShow.com website and in our daily free newsletter, Top Pros' Top Picks. The complete report will then be released and available for download on Monday, Jan. 9, 2023.

The newsletter advisors and financial industry analysts who participate in these annual reports are among the nation's most respected and knowledgeable investment experts. Each has a time-tested reputation for in-depth research, integrity, and a track record of long-term investment success. 

Most of these advisors have been participating in these reports for years. In fact, many - such as Chuck Carlson, Rich Moroney, Roger Conrad, Gordon Pape and Mary Anne and Pamela Aden, as well as the top-tier analysts from Eagle Publishing, Cabot Wealth, Investors Daily, and Argus Research - have participated for decades! 

We are also glad to welcome several first-time participants to this year's report - Tim Melvin, Josh Arnold and Philip MacKellar, as well as the editorial teams from MAP Signals and The Profit Sector - and John Devine from US News & World Report.

We are always happy when an advisor's ideas lead to outsized gains for our readers. Special recognition goes out to John McCamant and Gerardo Del Real - whose 2022 picks each rose over 150%, bucking the trend in an otherwise very difficult year.

Nevertheless - as we emphasize to advisors when they are invited to participate in this annual project - this is not a contest. Rather, it should be viewed as a diversified shopping list of ideas for investors as we enter the new year.

Most importantly, these top picks are a snapshot in time - and a stock that is a "strong buy" today can become a "sell" based on new developments. Indeed, in 2022, rising interest rates, geopolitical turmoil from Ukraine to Taiwan, and the lingering global impact of Covid-19 caused significant changes to advisors' views during the course of the year.

As such, we also encourage our readers to consider buying subscriptions to newsletters if you are following an advisor's recommendation. That way, you will be kept apprised of their changing views. You can also keep up to date on the changing opinions and recommendations of the leading newsletter advisors by signing up for our free daily newsletter, Top Pros' Top Picks

Looking at this year's report, we have 114 exciting ideas for you to consider - ranging from fast-growing stocks with high-risk, high-reward potential to conservative dividend-payers chosen for safe and steady returns. 

  • Healthcare has always been a favorite sector of the advisors in these reports. But that's especially true this year. Almost one-in-five recommendations come from the broad healthcare sector, ranging from biotechnology and medical devices to pharmacies, healthcare REITs, and health insurers.
  • Energy was among the most popular topics last year - and also the top-performing sector of 2022. It is once again a favorite sector, with a dozen recommendations chosen primarily from the energy infrastructure and renewables space.
  • Resources have always been popular, too. This year, we see numerous Top Picks that are miners of gold, silver, lithium and uranium. Our contributors also like several ETFs that offer exposure to these markets.
  • With the rise in interest rates over the course of the past year, advisors have shifted their attention away from traditional banks and toward more specialized finance plays. That includes private equity firms and beaten-down mortgage and real estate names.
  • Despite just experiencing a brutal year for technology (or BECAUSE of it), the advisors in this year's report have uncovered 15 stocks in the sector that they believe now offer compelling value.  
  • Surprisingly, the out-of-favor retail space earned 10 Top Picks this year, while manufacturing and telecom each ranked as the favorites among several advisors.

Finally, we would stress that any stock you buy should match your own investment strategy and time horizon - and fit your personal risk-tolerance level. These recommendations are a starting place for your own research. Overall, our goal is to provide you with a well-rounded and diverse shopping list of investment ideas for you to consider as you build your personal, long-term portfolios.

Thank you for being a part of the MoneyShow family. We hope you enjoy our annual Top Picks report and wish you the very best for investment success in 2023.