Focus on long-term opportunity. These are the best oversold stocks to buy now for April 2022, states Lucas Downey of

March saw some of the biggest selling in stocks since the pandemic lows. And that means, there's likely oversold opportunities. At MAPsignals, we focus a lot on fundamentally superior stocks. And many have been sold unfairly in our opinion. In a bear market, focus on best-of-breed companies.

We've learned that keeping a calm head is paramount when markets are under distress. And sometimes, it pays to go against the crowd. Some of the greatest investors of all time have faced tough market environments. How you handle it is what matters. We see long-term positives.

Disclosure: Luke holds long positions in Nike (NKE), Upstart (UPST), Starbucks (SBUX), and Paypal (PYPL) in personal and managed accounts at the time of filming.

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