The note on April first was not a joke when it highlighted the possible formation of a first lower high pattern (1LH) on a weekly chart of the S&P 500 (SPX), exclaims Ian Murphy of

As you know, a 1LH pattern indicates the beginning of a new bearish trend. Another two weekly bars have printed since then (left chart), and the pattern appears to be crystalizing in the face of overhead resistance.


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It’s too early to call a bearish trend for sure, and the index is still technically in the neutral zone, but a close below 4,300 would be confirmation. This is near the -1ATR line and a 50% retrace of the tall green bar from w/e March 18, which launched the April rally (arrow).

The daily chart on the right is already bearish as yesterday’s bar closed below the -1ATR line. Also notice we have not had a single green daily price bar so far this month, which means the EMA and MACD-H have not risen in tandem for ten consecutive trading sessions.


Meanwhile, I continue to try to grab pennies from in front of what may be a new bearish steamroller. BJ’s Restaurants (BJRI) printed a beautiful false downside breakout with a bullish divergence on Monday (arrow on left chart). This is almost a picture-perfect setup for the FBD strategy and sure enough, the first target was hit yesterday. Unfortunately, I missed this one in my personal account.

I did however take a trade yesterday in Dana, Inc. (DAN). The setup was not as good as BJ’s (I prefer declining volume), but the initial protective stop on 1,200 shares is shown above.

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