Gold prices have risen along with equity markets today. But nothing has changed fundamentally to suggest it is going to make a major comeback yet, observes Fawad Razaqzada of Trading Candles.

I reckon it will head lower again after this latest bounce. Indeed, the very fact it has bounced ahead of its prior low makes it look suspicious to me. It is like gold is trying to look bullish, in order to tempt more bulls to buy gold near support, they dump the metal to take trapped long stops resting below the recent swing low circa 1615. 

gold chart
Source: and TradingView 

That area will be the downside target for the bears. This is how I look for trade ideas normally. I could be wrong of course, but with US ten-year bond yields well above 4% and the Fed continuing to remain hawkish, it is difficult to turn positive on gold in the short-term outlook, and in this market environment. That’s why I am taking it from one level to the next and moving on to the next opportunity.

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