Remember when stocks used to be volatile? For a hot second there, the US Stock Market was even more volatile than Crypto Currencies, explains JC Parets of

But after massive drawdowns in stocks around the world over the past 20 months, we've seen things improve dramatically. The new lows list peaked in June. That was over five months ago, and last week was the first in over a year without a single 1% daily swing:


The way I learned it was never to short a dull market. This one, mathematically, is the dullest market we've seen in over a year. So you tell me, are you joining the consensus view that everything is about to fall apart? Even after all those historic drawdowns in stocks?

Here's the latest from the BofA Fund Manager Survey showing the consensus view is looking for below-trend economic growth and above-trend inflation:


Are you with the consensus? Or can you think for yourself? Let me ask you this: When everyone agrees, are they historically proven right? There's so much opportunity right now. All you have to do is look.

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