US equity markets are closed today for Juneteenth National Independence Day, but we could use the opportunity to create a watchlist for some short-term swing trades, states Ian Murphy of

Seeing as our trend-following positions are climbing slowly and profitably upward, let's see what we can do. When creating a watchlist for our screener it helps if we have something ‘extra’ in the list apart from the usual liquidity criteria. Stocks with a high short float can provide that extra kick and I like to scan for that condition regularly. A ‘high short float’ means a large percentage of the issued stock has been borrowed and shorted by traders.

This morning I scanned all US stocks for a short float of>10%, followed by the usual liquidity levels of price >$3 and average volume >300k per day. 404 stocks came out the other end and they’ve been dropped into the screener for FBD (false breakout with a divergence) signals.


For example, Zynex Inc. (ZYXI) was triggered last Wednesday and has reached the first target already (right of the chart). With a short float of 23%, this could pop even higher in the week ahead. Notice the rising volume as the stock is catching some interest in the market. Earnings are due around July 27.

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