Reiterating the same point from yesterday. E-mini S&P and E-mini NQ futures are digesting gains, and continuing to do so in a healthy manner, states Bill Baruch of

E-mini S&P (December) / E-mini NQ (December)

S&P, yesterday’s close: Settled at 4519.25, up 8.25

NQ, yesterday’s close: Settled at 15,889.25, up 9.50

It is worth noting that the E-mini NQ did achieve rare major four-star resistance 16,018-16,063. A healthy consolidation should pave the way for higher prices; be smart, do not chase, but there is no reason not to be anything but Bullish while price action in the E-mini S&P and E-mini NQ futures holds above our first two waves of support, detailed below. Jobless Claims and Fed speak incoming. Currently, the CME’s FedWatch Tool signals a 100% probability the Fed will keep rates unchanged into March, where there is a 28% probability they cut by 25bps. While easing is welcome, we have a slight concern the market is getting ahead of itself in pricing cuts.

Bias: Bullish/Neutral

Resistance: 4540.50-4541.25, 4555, 4566-4569.75, 4597.50, 4653

Pivot: 4519.50

Support: 4508-4511, 4498-4503, 4490.25, 4462.25-4470.25, 4447, 4425.25-4430.50, 4419.25-4420.25, 4407.25-4409.50

NQ (Dec)

Resistance: 15,906-15,918, 16,018-16,063, 16,159, 16,265-16,275

Pivot: 15,856

Support: 15,832, 15,790, 15,719-15,732, 15,588-15,612, 15,547-15,552, 15,453-15,468

Crude Oil (January)

Yesterday’s close: Settled at 76.79, down 1.38

Brent Crude Oil is retesting $80; OPEC+ jawboning becomes more likely when below this level. JPMorgan noted early this morning that OPEC+ may surprise with deeper supply cuts. Options on December WTI Crude Oil futures expire today at 1:30 pm CT. While the expiration of December Crude options and then futures can, at times, keep a market contained, it opens the door for more volatility thereafter. If strong support in the $75 region holds, we can imagine a repositioning of longs.

Bias: Neutral/Bullish

Resistance: 77.05-77.28, 77.80-78.19, 78.52-78.62, 79.06, 79.83-80.23

Pivot: 76.72

Support: 76.03-76.19, 74.92-75.36

Gold (December) / Silver (December)

Gold, yesterday’s close: Settled at 1964.3, down 2.2

Silver, yesterday’s close: Settled at 23.538, up 0.406

While Gold futures have consolidated at and below Tuesday’s CPI surge, Silver has extended its range into a critical area of rare major four-star support that aligns previous highs, the 50% retracement back to the May high, and the 200-day moving average. On Monday, the Gold-Silver ratio hit its highest since March and improved significantly over the last two sessions. If this is the beginning of a cycle shift, Silver must break out above overhead resistance which then paves the way for tremendous outperformance.

Bias: Bullish/Neutral

Resistance: 1969.8-1971.5, 1977.6-1978.2, 1987.6-1988.6, 1999.2-2000.1

Pivot: 1964.4-1966.5

Support: 1958.8, 1949.8-1953.5, 1935.6-1938.8

Silver (December)

Resistance: 23.75-23.91, 24.56-24.63

Pivot: 23.53

Support: 23.35-23.41, 23.25, 23.04-23.14, 22.81-22.90

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