Lucas Downey of makes the case for even more gains ahead for stocks. Here are four reasons why stocks can surge in 2024.

Worrisome bears keep fighting the tape. It’s painful to watch. Popular here-and-now analysis paints a cautious outlook including sticky inflation, high interest rates, and peak housing unaffordability. Just don’t buy into it. There's a monumental money shift happening. On Wall Street, money is rarely made focusing on today.

Instead, seasoned investors know to look towards the future… placing bets on what’s coming. When you review the setup unemotionally, four massive tailwinds signal a big upside for next year. If you enjoy solid evidential research, you'll love this video packed with 4 reasons why stocks can surge in 2024. Staying ahead of the crowd is the edge you need to succeed in trading.

Remember this is not personal investment advice of any kind. This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Our focus is to help investors make sense of markets with data.

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