Welcome to 2024! As part of an entrance to a new year, I always review the data that I get in my trading account. What am I looking for, asks Danielle Shay of Fivestartrader.com.

Yearly New Year's Eve Ritual:

  • Examine trading/stock accounts, looking for
  • Which tickers made/lost the most money
  • Which trading strategies did the best/worst
  • Recognize and identify account trends and what made the difference
  • Identify changes/constants for 2024 and more

It’s always interesting to go back and look at what my top (and bottom) tickers were, along with which strategies and setups did the best (and worst). This is the best way to continually improve your trading year over year.

I always find it interesting that sometimes I don’t even realize how often I have traded a ticker, or how well I’ve done on it.

This year, my top tickers were Apple (AAPL), Microsoft (MSFT), and...the S&P 500 (SPX). The third one was a bit of a funny surprise for me because I never caught on to this 0 DTE SPX trade when everyone else did. I’m not a day trader, primarily anyway. But, this year I decided to apply my butterfly strategy sparingly on SPX day trades when I otherwise would have done an S&P futures trade. And, the SPX ended up as my number three top-traded ticker. So, I guess you will see more SPX butterflies from me in the future.

It’s just so funny to me because I was pretty resistant to jumping on this bandwagon but I’m glad I listened to my colleagues because it seemed to have worked out.

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