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Andrew Keene is president and CEO of AlphaShark Trading, which he originally founded as KeeneOnTheMarket.com in 2011. Previously, he worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Mr. Keene began his career in the prestigious Botta Capital 'clerk-to-trade' program, and would eventually co-found KATL Group. He currently actively trades futures, equity options currency pairs, and commodities. He is a regular guest market commentator on such networks as Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Fox Business.

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Using Options to Trade Earnings

Trader Andrew Keene explains the method that he uses to trade earnings with options. TIM:  My guest today is Andrew Keene, and we're talking about trading earnings and his strategies for doin…

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A Tool for Trending Markets

Andrew Keene discusses Ichimoku clouds—his favorite tool for trading trending markets—and he explains why he finds it so valuable. TIM:  My guest today is Andrew Keene, and…

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Can You Profit from Unusual Option Activity?

Former floor trader Andrew Keene uses unusual options activity to find trading opportunities, which he thinks can be a valuable tool for many traders. SPEAKER:  My guest today is A…

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Bet on Implied Volatility

By looking at institutional order flow, Andrew Keene is able to bet on implied volatility. Here he shares this new strategy and how it can help your options trading. SPEAKER ONE:  Well as a trad…

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Volatility Creates Opportunity

Andrew Keene shows you how to trade earnings with options and demonstrates how he trades by watching historical movement over the previous eight quarters. SPEAKER 1:  My guest today is Andrew Ke…

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How to Monitor Unusual Option Activity

Keep an eye out for stocks that are trading at four or even five times their usual volume and place your trades accordingly, says Andrew Keene. SPEAKER 1:  My guest today is Andrew Keene from …

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An Option Play on Higher Interest Rates

Due to fears of rising interest rates, speculators have been running toward exchange-traded funds designed to have low sensitivity to interest rates, notes Andrew Keene on Minyanville.com. PowerSha…

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One Smart Bet

With existing operations and two new casinos in development, don't be surprised if this operator's revenue doubles by 2016, says Andrew Keene on Minyanville.com. Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd. (MP…