Congratulations to Bryan Perry on the launch of his latest advisory service — MicroCap Stock Trader — designed for sophisticated traders comfortable with the high risks of investing in very small firms. Here's a look at one of his initial recommendations.

In our new model portfolio of micro-cap stocks, each recommended company is at the forefront of transformational advancements within their respective industries. With each new stock pick, my stated goal is to provide well-vetted companies that have legitimate potential for near-term and intermediate-term capital appreciation potential.

I’ve dubbed Vision Marine Technologies Inc. (VMAR) as our “Tesla in the water” trade. This company is certainly at the forefront of disrupting the marine propulsion industry, where the addressable market is just fantastic and so promising. It is to the boat business what Tesla has been to the auto business.

Vision Marine’s highly proprietary E-Motion technology is the world’s first performance electric propulsion engine. It integrates a 180 horsepower (135 kW) motor with an advanced battery management system, while contributing a 90+% reduction in energy costs.

Founded over 25 years ago as a nascent project, today, Vision Marine is a leading innovator as the first to market with the world’s most technologically advanced, 100% electric E-Motion 180E HP outboard-engine system that includes an installed transom and is powered by lithium batteries.

The immediate benefits are that Vision Marine’s electric propulsion systems generate zero emissions, as well as quiet and powerful torque, to deliver speeds of 50 mph in a boat as large as 29 feet.

E-Motion has a highly competitive total cost of ownership (“TCO”), compared with internal combustion engines (ICE), due to the marginal amount of required maintenance.

This is because it is a fully sealed electric outboard motor, and therefore, it has few moving parts. That means there is no oil to check, nor are there spark plugs to replace. There also are no dirty fossil fuels or gasoline, which continue to be extremely expensive.

Moreover, boaters can pull into any marina and simply plug into existing electric hookups. The recharging is fully compatible with existing 220-volt outlets at marinas that offer electricity to their slips. This is a major benefit.

The target market for Vision Marine is consumers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) of combustion marine engines and boat makers that would pre-install Vision’s outboard powertrain systems at the factory.

The E-Motion 180E powertrain system can be rigged and custom fit onto virtually any 18-to-29-foot boat. Its powertrain technology is designed for 15 nautical miles of driving range. On average, the cost to charge an 18-to-29-foot electric boat for a full family outing is approximately $5 or $6 per day, as opposed to as much as $200 per day for an ICE-powered boat.

Vision Marine is in a tremendous position to scale its business model as it has partnered with some of the most advanced companies in the marine industry. Leading marine OEMs are currently putting the E-Motion powertrain systems through extensive sea trials.

Of the many exciting features about this company, I’m very encouraged to see that of the 8.36 million shares outstanding, 6.97 million shares are already spoken for by insiders and private investors. Insiders own 57% of the stock with most of their stock options exercisable at prices above $9.

As such, there is plenty of incentive for this management team to be working full time to not just execute an aggressive business plan, but also to realize a dream come true of being the first marine company to revolutionize the recreational boating market.

After meeting the management team and taking a test drive, I was immensely impressed with how this company is positioned and the phenomenal potential for its future and for the stock. Our cost basis for this position is $4.10. Buy at market.

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