A recent addition to our Undiscovered Portfolio is the Renaissance IPO ETF (IPO), explains Kate Stalter, chief analyst and editor of Cabot ETF Strategist.

The name and the ticker are pretty much dead giveaways as to the nature of this fund. It tracks the largest, most liquid, newly listed U.S. initial public offerings, or IPOs.

Each quarter when the ETF is rebalanced, new IPOs are added and older constituents are removed. At quarterly rebalances, constituents are weighted by float-adjusted market capitalization with a cap imposed on any weightings exceeding 10%.

In other words, no single listing, no matter how big, will exceed a 10% weighting within the portfolio. That’s important, because too much exposure to a single stock can skew your return.

On a qualitative basis, the Renaissance IPO ETF gives investors access to exactly the new, innovative companies that are generally poised for big growth in a bull market. Sure, the ETF has trended lower along with the broader market, and that’s not unexpected.

As with all the holdings in our Undiscovered Portfolio, this ETF has no particular holding period. Instead, we will monitor the technicals to understand whether it’s a hold or a sell going forward. However, we are taking advantage of the recent nascent uptrend in this fund.

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