Stock market sell-offs don’t affect every company negatively and some stocks that have been knocked down will bounce back, suggests Mark Skousen, editor of TNT Trader.

There are a lot of positive signs with Netflix (NFLX), suggesting we found a good time to invest in the streaming giant. Indeed, one of the big pieces of news coming out of Netflix is that the company is going to create a new, cheaper subscription service supported by advertising.

When Netflix first hinted at this idea, much of its fan base misinterpreted the idea behind it, thinking it meant their favorite Netflix shows would be interrupted by advertisements.

However, for those wishing to continue with their classic, ad-free Netflix service, they can. But Netflix is planning on introducing a new service where you will pay a much lower monthly fee but will have to sit through ads to supplement the service.

In fact, many other streaming services have similar two-tiered pricing programs like Hulu, HBO Max and Paramount Plus, where you can choose a lower-priced service with ads or pay more for an ad-free experience.

And analysts are keen to see what this does for Netflix which can work in tandem with advertisers to time their shows with advertising campaigns. It is possible the ad-based service can be more profitable for Netflix than its classic ad-free service and that possibility is pushing the stock higher.

Meanwhile, Oppenheimer Funds recently upgraded Netflix and gave it a target price of $325. That would be a big gain for us. So, let’s keep moving up with Netflix and raise our stop to $210 for now. We look forward to locking in profits in the coming weeks.

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