Brady Corp. (BRC) was incorporated in 1914 and is headquartered in Milwaukee. The company manufactures and supplies identification solutions (IDS) and workplace safety (WPS) products to identify and protect premises, products, and people, says Kelley Wright, editor of Investment Quality Trends.

The company’s products and solutions list is quite extensive and includes printing systems, RFID, and bar code scanners for product identification, brand protection labeling, work in process labeling, finished product identification, and industrial track and trace applications; safety signs, floor-marking tapes, pipe markers, labeling systems, spill control products, lockout/tagout device, and software and services for safety compliance auditing, procedure writing, and training; and hand-held printers, wire markers, sleeves, and tags for wire identification.

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In addition, the company offers workplace safety, identification, and compliance products, such as safety and compliance signs, tags, labels, and markings; informational signage and markings; asset tracking labels; facility safety and personal protection equipment; first-aid products; and other compliance products for process, government, education, construction, and utilities industries.

The company serves industrial and electronic manufacturing, healthcare, chemical, oil, gas, automotive, aerospace, governments, mass transit, electrical contractors, education, leisure and entertainment, telecommunications, and other industries through distributors, direct sales force, and digital channels.

Economic Book Value is $52.64 per share, and the ROIC, FCFY, and PVR are 11%, 7%, and 1.1, respectively. The stock was just upgraded to Select Blue Chip status from Faded Blue Chip status because it cured its deficiencies.

Recommended Action: Buy BRC.

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