Bobby Lee is Founder and CEO of Ballet, a crypto cold storage card provider. A long-time Bitcoin investor and entrepreneur, he founded the first Bitcoin exchange in China, BTC China, and wrote the Wall Street Journal bestseller, The Promise of Bitcoin. We sat down for a conversation at the 2024 MoneyShow/TradersEXPO Las Vegas, and it couldn’t have been better timed. After all, Bitcoin soon traded to – and through – it’s previous all-time high around $69,000.

During this bonus MoneyShow MoneyMasters Podcast segment, which you can access here, Bobby starts by talking about his background in the technology industry and how his brother first introduced him to Bitcoin. In his own words: “I learned the value of gold through my father and grandfather and given my tech background, Bitcoin immediately became something that was appealing and made sense to me. It clicked.” He went on to found BTC China, sold it, wrote a book, and then founded Ballet.

Next, we discuss the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry. He believes the first five years involved hobbyists and enthusiasts mining Bitcoin and buying things with it, while the second five years featured traders and speculators dominating activity. Now in the last five years, we’ve entered the “maturation” phase.

Institutions are allocating money to it, corporations are putting it on their balance sheets, and mainstream investors are getting more involved. Next in his view? “Bitcoin is going to become a global reserve asset class,” going from a total market value of around $1 trillion to as much as $50-$100 trillion over the next decade.

He then talks about the two primary reasons Bitcoin has a bright it compares to precious metals as an asset class...why he equates Bitcoin to “freedom”...and how other alternatives like Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Litecoin stack up. Finally, he discusses the regulatory outlook, the risk of fraud, and what he’s most excited to see in the space over the coming few years.

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Enjoy the segment – and look for your regular weekly Podcast episode on Thursday!

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