How to Adjust and Use Calendar Diagonal Option Spreads for Big Directional Payoffs

10/15/2020 10:05 am EST


Larry Gaines

Founder and CEO, Power Cycle Trading

In the latest edition of Market Review, Larry Gaines of Power Cycle Trading discusses calendar diagonal option spreads to achieve big payoffs.

Market Review is a weekly update from Larry Gaines on timely market insights and real-time trade setups in a quick five-minute video format. You get easy access to some of Larry's top trade ideas and trends he sees in the market. Larry has now helped over a million individuals improve their skills to generate greater income from their investment capital with less risk exposure. After over 30 years of professionally trading, Gaines founded and the Power Cycle Virtual Trading Room to share what he learned with individual traders. Gaines served as executive vice president at one of the largest international oil trading companies in the world where volume often exceeded one billion dollars’ worth of oil, FX, futures, and options trading in a single day.

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