Four Health Stocks for the Boomer Rush


Hilary Kramer Image Hilary Kramer Editor, GameChangers and Breakout Stocks Under $10

The aging of America is lifting these stocks’ growth prospects, writes Hilary Kramer, editor of GameChangers.

The Picks:

  • Generic drug maker Teva Pharmaceutical Industries (Nasdaq: TEVA)
  • Biotechnology cancer drug researcher Dendreon (Nasdaq: DNDN)
  • Imaging center operator RadNet (Nasdaq: RDNT)
  • Lumbar treatment specialist Trans1 (Nasdaq: TSON)

The Takeaways:

  • Teva boasts economies of scale and other competitive advantages
  • Dendreon’s breakthrough drug shows promise for treating a variety of cancers
  • RadNet’s reach allows it to strike more advantageous deals with suppliers and insurers
  • Trans1’s lumbar treatment is winning insurer recognition for cost-effectiveness

By the Numbers:

  • Teva shares closed below $56 Tuesday, 18% below Kramer’s $68 price target
  • A course of treatment with Dendreon’s Provenge costs $93,000. Buy under $42.50 with a $50 price target. Shares closed below $35 Tuesday
  • RadNet operates 180 diagnostic centers. Shares closed at $3.58 Tuesday, 28% off the $5 price target
  • Trans1 shares are up 70% since Jan. 6 closing at $3.49 Tuesday. Buy below $3.25 with a $5 price target

“The demographics represent a long-term favorable trend that will be beneficial to the industry, but it will not usher in an era of rapid growth. Furthermore, future levels of government reimbursement will continue to be an issue.”

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