Andrew Aziz, the founder of Bear Bull Traders, isn't afraid to go deep. As he openly shares with host Kim Ann Curtin in this episode of The Wall Street Coach Podcast, "nine months ago, I was worth $3 million more on paper." 

Just about everything was down in the stock market last year, but Andrew did not let it ruin his life. He's not even letting it ruin his day. Why? Because he's a seasoned trader. He understands that these cycles are temporary. This is the way the stock market works. Pity the trader who refuses to yield to the market. As Andrew puts it, "With the financial market, you are dealing with a very powerful force that doesn’t care about you." 

Many listeners already know of Andrew's chops as a trader and educator. But he's also an example of trading EQ (emotional intelligence) that traders at all levels can learn from. 

How does he keep his cool when the market's stormy? In this two-part episode featuring an interview and a live Twitter Space recording, you'll learn exactly what motivates him in trading and in life. Learn all about the trading rules that have helped him, why he's "a big advocate of part-time trading," and why not all trading 'gurus' are created equal.

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