I hope you enjoyed the short squeeze last week. I was in Orlando speaking at the MoneyShow, our Simpler Summit event, and then taking a vacation with my kids and family. But now, I’m back and ready for action, exclaims Danielle Shay of Fivestartrader.com.

This week, we have a lot of volatile tickers that will be reporting earnings. That means there are a lot of volatility crush opportunities but also, of course, significant price movement. Look for opportunities to sell premium or jump on tickers that experience massive post-earnings moves.

One of the less volatile tickers out there reporting is Walt Disney (DIS). Now, even though it’s not as volatile as, say, Datadog (DDOG), doesn’t mean there isn’t opportunity. And, after being in Florida last week, I have to say I was shocked at how packed it was. It was supposed to be ‘off-season,’ but the traffic was bad and the theme parks were busy!

I guess we will know soon what the company says about attendance on earnings. To learn more about my analysis and levels for Disney earnings, check out the video below:

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