The challenge for traders and technicians is to define and distinguish between a ranging market and a trending market, states Alex Spiroglou of S.M.A.R.T. Trader Systems Ltd.

Identifying Ranging and Trending Markets

This section explores the difficulty of defining these market conditions in a rules-based quantitative way.

Defining Ranging and Trending Markets

  • Traders face the challenge of defining or identifying ranging and trending markets.
  • The goal is to define these market conditions in a rules-based quantitative manner.
  • Real-time identification of these market conditions is crucial.

Using Corn Futures Chart as an Example

  • The highlighted yellow area on the chart represents a trading range in corn futures.
  • Visually identifying this range is relatively easy with hindsight, but real-time identification is more challenging.

Utilizing the MACD-V Indicator

  • The MACD-V indicator can be used to identify ranging markets.
  • One of the 7 Core Ranges within the MACD-V indicator is specifically designed for this purpose.

Rule for Identifying Ranging Markets with MACD-V

  • According to the rule, when the MACD-V indicator stays between -50 and 50 for more than 25 bars, it indicates a ranging market.
  • The MACD-V indicator oscillates around zero when there is no significant upside or downside momentum in the market.

Real-Time Application of Ranging Market Definition

  • Point A represents where the MACD-V indicator crossed above -50, indicating an upward trend.
  • Point B represents where the 25-bar rule was satisfied, confirming a ranging market condition.
  • From point B onwards until the end of the highlighted area, we can consider it as a real-time definition of being in a trading range.

Importance of Using Tools like MACD-V

  • The MACD-V indicator provides valuable insights into identifying ranging markets.
  • It helps traders make informed decisions based on real-time data analysis.


The MACD-V indicator and its specific range rules can be used to define and identify ranging markets.
This section emphasizes the importance of using such tools for real-time market analysis.

Utilizing MACD-V for Ranging Market Analysis

  • The MACD-V indicator's range rules are effective in identifying ranging markets.
  • Traders can use this information to make informed trading decisions.

Benefits of Real-Time Definition

  • Real-time identification of ranging markets allows traders to adapt their strategies accordingly.
  • It provides a quantitative approach to understanding market conditions.

Final Thoughts

  • Understanding the difference between ranging and trending markets is crucial for traders and technicians.
  • Utilizing tools like the MACD-V indicator helps in defining these market conditions accurately on a real-time basis

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