Strategies of a UK Trader


Tim Bourquin Image Tim Bourquin Co-Founder, The Traders Expo and The Futures & Forex Expo
I've been hearing from more and more traders using Market Profile and "auction market theory" to spot good opportunities in the markets. The trader I spoke with for this interview, Kam Dhadwar, uses a combination of Market Profile and reading order flow to find his daytrades in the DAX and E-Mini S&P and E-Mini Russell indexes.

Kam takes us through the five-step method he goes through before entering any trade and his three-step method for reading order flow and seeing where "aggressors" are coming into the market. Kam then uses this information to ride the wave of buying or selling.

Kam also talks about how he spots acceptance and reaction of price and balance / imbalance levels to see where the market is heading short-term. Finally we talk about how anyone can get better at reading the clues in order flow to get a confident feel for where big traders are entering and exiting their trades.

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