Sponsored Content - I have had a lot to say recently about the unfolding energy crisis, says Chris Temple, editor and publisher, National Investor Publishing.

Starting, most notably, with my big “Green manual” late last year—I explained why the professed “green” goals are already being undermined. At a time when (to listen to some) we are on our way to a clean, green, sustainable future, little of the actual work and policy changes needed to get us there has been implemented.

And in some ways this whole cause is being greatly harmed, as I have pointed out...and as we do below.

This week I sat down with FPX Nickel's CEO Martin Turenne to assess most specifically the woeful shortage of battery metals and workable supply chains to build out anywhere near the number of electric vehicles promised by politicians and auto makers alike. As I said on February 3 when I first posted this to social media, this all at the same time represents great opportunities for investors...and jarring economic, energy, and policy shocks to come otherwise for ALL of us as consumers and citizens.

I URGE you to immediately watch our discussion below.

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