6 More Stocks Boosting Dividends


Jim Trippon Image Jim Trippon Editor-in-Chief, China Stock Digest

If you're an income investor, one thing that should be more attractive than a big yield is the company's ability to sustain and grow the dividend long term, like these companies are proving, notes Jim Trippon of Dividend Genius.

Nestled in among the earnings reports, sometimes along with them, are announcements of dividend increases. As we’ve written about consistently, this has been a year where dividend increases have consistently appeared, as many companies continue to reward shareholders. The last few weeks were no different, with several companies announcing dividend hikes.

This has been the subplot of the earnings season, where dividend news has been strongly overshadowed by some earnings reports that missed analyst estimates and have caused the market to take at least a pause, if not a hard look at things. Still, many companies make their annual dividend increases in the fall, so this can be a busy time for dividend investors who watch these stocks.

Microsoft (MSFT)
Last month, the tech giant made its eighth consecutive annual dividend increase, to 23 cents per share. This was a 15% increase, and brings the yield to 3%.

While Microsoft is one of the big names of tech, it is, however, “old tech.” That is, even though Microsoft dominates the PC field with its Windows operating system, it is no longer the meaningful growth stock it once was. Some would argue it’s no longer a growth stock, period.

As growth has slowed, the massive change to tablets and mobile devices has begun, a secular trend that doesn’t look as though it’s ever going to be reversed.