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Virtual Learning

The chips that keep changing history are viewed through the lens of the PHLX Semiconductor Index (SOX). Join Nasdaq's Kevin Davitt to learn more about the history and utility of this optionable index.

Michael Covel walks investors through a strategy that has silently beaten the markets for decades. A strategy not based on news, fundamentals, or predictions. It is the strategy you must know when markets crash.
In this webinar, Suri will discuss the core components of essential pattern structures and their analysis. Hei will also discuss the methodologies for Automated Chart Pattern Recognition and their trading method and share practical approaches and unique advantages that chart patterns offer with practical statistics, real-world example.

Are you intrigued by the potential trading opportunities on Chinese stocks, but wary of the complex economic, geopolitical, and financial landscape? Is the Fed's next move weighing on you? Join us for an informative webinar to help you consider your next trade, in a dynamic market.

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is redefining productivity in our everyday lives. However, it remains unproven when it comes to predicting the markets. Yet we see the word AI being thrown around every day— AI investing, AI hedge funds, AI trading etc. with little information on how it is actually being deployed to determine market pricing and direction. In other words, AI remains a blackbox to retail investors and traders, and its subpar results so far suggest that a lot more work needs to be done before it can consistently beat the markets. In his keynote presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will be sharing with you one of his top non-AI strategies that continues to be consistently profitable in today's AI world. You will learn how to gather and analyze real data to find market opportunities that are over 90% accurate. Moreover, Matt will show you how to leverage these opportunities using options to potentially double your investment each time. Recommended for: High Return, Swing Trading, Technical Analysis, Options.

Join Mark Newton for a technical overview of equities, treasuries, currencies, and commodities heading into the 4th quarter of 2023. He will discuss some of the best risks/rewards across domestic and international indices along with what appear to be the best sector bets to favor for outperformance. He will go over the technical structure, momentum, and breadth along with his interpretation of what cycles, seasonality, and sentiment suggest should happen in the months ahead.

When it comes to learning about options, it can sometimes be hard to separate fact from fiction. Luckily, the Options Industry Council (OIC) has you covered as we celebrate 30 years of professional and unbiased options education. Join OIC instructor and options veteran Mark Benzaquen as he addresses several of the more popular misconceptions about trading exchange-listed options in this fun and fast-paced session.

Paladin Power is a company operating at the intersection of power grid reliability and energy storage. Its technology allows commercial and residential customers to ensure they have reliable, on-demand power regardless of challenges posed by weather, outages, or other issues. Learn how the company's technology works, and how investors can participate in its growth, in this educational fireside chat.

In this presentation, Andy Moreland will discuss income-producing properties that generate monthly income as reworks, and have active tax benefits, along with one property that is offering carried working interest.

Join Ted Thomas, CEO of Paladin Power to learn about rapid growth in the energy storage and renewables market. Scaling revenue to $500M+ by the end of 2028 with 40% net profit, starting 2023 with a $240M committed sales pipeline and projecting $60M+ in 2024 revenue.

Discover the key to unlocking your real estate investment potential with our upcoming webinar hosted by Travis Watts, a seasoned full-time investor, and the director of Investor Education at Ashcroft Capital. Delve into the age-old question of whether holding onto your real estate indefinitely brings a significant advantage or if there exists a more profitable strategy. Travis Watts, an expert in "value-add" real estate investing, will take you on a journey through his personal investing approach as well as Ashcroft Capital's value-add approach; strategies designed to maximize your returns. Join us on September 13th and uncover sustainable real estate wealth-building strategies for 2023.

Taxes are the number one obstacle between you and financial freedom. Join Michael Enyart of WD Wealth to learn about how to accelerate yourself to financial freedom by reducing taxes on your alternative investments. Less taxes means being free sooner and doing more of what you want to do.

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