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Just Released: 2022 Top Picks Report

See the Pros' best Investment Ideas for the New Year

MoneyShow's 2022 Top Picks report features a shopping list of 100+ investment ideas and stock picks from a group of leading market experts and financial journalists who are among the nation's most respected financial minds and have a track record of long-term investment success. Find out which stocks made the list in the FREE special report.


Virtual Learning

As the second-largest city in the US, Los Angeles has a dynamic real estate market that receives global attention. However, with a sprawling layout and several desirable areas, it takes a specialized team with local expertise to understand the intricacies of Los Angeles' booming real estate market. Lawrence "Larry" Taylor, founder and chief executive officer of Christina, a real estate sponsor and manager focused on the Westside region of Los Angeles, will discuss the firm's core investment strategy and the benefits of owning investment-grade real estate in one of the highest performing markets in the US. Larry's experience as a real estate investor for over 45 years offers a unique perspective that combines historical wisdom with keen foresight.

Buying value in a bear market is the correct strategy. There is a natural downside protection. Buying value with a catalyst gives you a greater return. Spinoffs have proved this time and time again. Jim Osman will show you where to look to find these hidden investments.

With stocks near all-time highs, inflation running away, and the Fed starting to tighten, 2022 proves to be a challenging year for investors. Michael Lee will cover the best assets to combat this tough environment from both a return and risk standpoint.
Everyone–including you–can, and will hit a few home-run and grand-slam trades if you have been trading long enough. But these one-off and rare trades generally only make up a portion of your overall account growth. Making money long-term is generated from a synergy of different strategies working together as a whole for your portfolio. Learn the Total ETF Portfolio (TEP) method to profit as a trader and investor owning hot sectors, indexes, and bonds with different strategies. Become an efficient ETF trader—fewer trades, lower drawdowns, higher returns.

Blue Sky Uranium Corp. (TSX.V: BSK; FSE: MAL2.F; OTC: BKUCF) is one of Argentina's best-positioned uranium and vanadium exploration companies with more than 4,000 km2 (400,000 ha) of prospective tenements. The company's mission is to deliver exceptional returns to shareholders by acquiring, exploring, and advancing towards production a portfolio of uranium-vanadium projects, with an emphasis on near-surface deposits that have potential for near-term low-cost production. The company follows international best practices in exploration with a focus on respect for the environment, the communities, and the cultures in all the areas in which they work.

We've all heard the saying..."buy low and sell high" when it comes to investing, but what about cash flow? This year, 2022 is offering real estate investors a unique opportunity to lock in interest rates below the reported inflation. There has never been an opportunity quite like this in US history. Could this be the golden era for real estate? Find out why investors have been racing into real estate as an inflation hedge and discover what multifamily apartments have to offer in 2022.

RAD Diversified REIT is a unique investment fund. Since its inception, RAD has amassed a $100 million real estate portfolio and is rapidly growing. During the pandemic, RAD had a 36.7% return for its investors. RAD is built to maximize profits in both good and bad economic times.

Investing in early-stage startups and private companies provides the opportunity for significant returns but without proper due diligence can lead to disaster. Black Dog Venture Partners' CEO Scott Kelly will provide potential investors with the tools to properly evaluate start-up opportunities while reducing the risks.

Founder and chairman of Research Affiliates, Rob Arnott explores the myths prevailing in our current market environment, which in turn, give rise to potentially rewarding long-term opportunities. In his 30-minute session, Rob puts into perspective the stock valuations of today's most popular companies, explains how to identify asset bubbles (and anti-bubbles), and discusses where compelling long-term market opportunities reside.

Billion-dollar firms and hedge funds protect themselves from risk in a way that, typically, normal investors do not. Non-linear investing allows you to maintain your upside potential as the market rises, but also to protect yourself from a large market drop. Since late 2019, the Regents Partners Equity Fund family has returned over 400% using this strategy to invest aggressively while maintaining downside protection to help prevent losses in large market crashes, like we saw in March 2020. Come learn how you can be part of the Regents Partners family.

Jeff Hirsch will reveal his 2022 Annual Forecast and how his January Indicator Trifecta will solidify his outlook. Find out the major obstacles the market faces from the Fed, Inflation, and the Midterm Elections. Midterm election years are notoriously the worst year of the 4-Year Cycle, and the second year of New Democratic Presidents is even worse. Valuations are high and the market looks toppy, so we are likely to experience more volatility in 2022, but midterm market weakness often sets up solid buying opportunities for the Sweet Spot of the 4-year Cycle. Tune in for Mr. Hirschs current outlook and latest stock and ETF picks.
Rising interest rates and the expiration of the pause on student loans could cool off the housing. Work from home and etail have negatively impacted malls and commercial real estate. Are you taking on too much risk in your high-yield stocks and bonds? Is now the time to find better solutions on the fixed income side of your portfolio?

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