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Inflation is now proving not to be transitory. Join Catherine Avery and learn how to properly position your portfolio in this new environment.

Most people believe top options traders have crazy high IQ. But not according to Warren Buffet. In fact, he said: Investing is not a game where the guy with the 160 IQ beats the guy with a 130 IQ...Give away 30 points to somebody don't need a lot of brains to be in this business.
A lot of people with crazy high IQs are terrible at this game because they have too many things going on in their heads. What you need is the emotional stability to hone in on a few proven strategies and trade them well.
In his featured presentation, Matt Choi, CMT will demo a complete options strategy that you can use in today's market.
This strategy involves:
1.Using the Internet as a data-mining tool to find the best stocks to trade
2.Applying an options strategy that can generate 100% or higher ROI
3.Quickly finding high probability setups week in week out
And guess doesn't require 160 IQ either.

Display Social provides an ad-revenue dividend to creators, enables commerce at the point of discovery via a personalized storefront, and provides tools that inspire content creation. By focusing on the creator, the company facilitates the growth of a unique, self-sustaining, creative ecosystem where all parties connect and thrive. Learn how you can invest in a social commerce, metaverse, and NFT marketplace pre-IPO opportunity.
The most important thing impacting stocks and bonds for 2022 is how what happened in 2020, that no one noticed, plays out. Throw in upcoming elections and 2022 volatility increases, either the good or bad kind, and what you do now will make it a great or terrible year. What did happen in 2020 that no one noticed and why does it matter now? Join Ken Fisher to find out!
Regarding the future of cryptocurrencies, Jamie Dimon declared bitcoin is fool's gold. At the same time, the market cap of cryptos has exceeded $2 trillion. We must ask whether we are truly witnessing a paradigm shift in defining money, or should we plan for a tulip-like crash.
There are thousands of investment options to choose from in 2021, but which are best? Which are right for you? The Ashcroft Capital team shares a unique perspective and outlook for investing in multifamily apartments. In this presentation, you will learn what is happening in the commercial real estate space today, and what investment firms and investors are experiencing during an inflationary year.
With Covid in the rearview mirror, 2022 may be a year of challenges and opportunities. Was Covid the Pearl Harbor moment? Huge changes came out of World War II. Will we experience the same level of change from Covid?
Avi Gilburt, founder of and one of the top-followed analysts on Seeking Alpha, will take you through his analysis to outline what he expects the S&P 500 to do in 2022 and provide parameters to help you stay on the profitable side of the market. He will also give you his longer-term prognostication, which may not sit well with many long-term investors.

Roger Moss, President & CEO of Labrador Gold Corp (TSX-V: LAB | OTCQX: NKOSF | FNR: 2N6) introduces their flagship Kingsway project, where the company is currently drilling 50,000M, over 12 kilometers, along a very prospective gold-hosting fault zone.

Why Invest?

  • District-scale potential in a world-class gold district.
  • High grade gold discovery at Big Vein, including 44.08 g/t gold over 4.28m.
  • 12 km's of the Appleton Fault Zone, host to New Found Gold's recent discoveries.
  • 50,000m drill program at Quartz Vein Corridor.
  • US $30M in the bank. Significant shareholders include Eric Sprott, Crescat Capital, and Palisades Gold Corp.

EntroBox is creating the next chapter in the evolution of sports history with its partners, Sinclair Broadcasting Group (Bally Sports) and Display Social, by delivering premium entertainment and boxing to the massive distribution of Bally Sports Regional Networks/Digital Platforms, while linking the world to the digital future of the Metaverse.

Join the CEO and founder, Greg Writer, for a presentation on Launch Cart and its vision to create a multi-billion-dollar company in the worldwide eCommerce sector. Launch Cart is a tech company, with unicorn upside, creating a better, faster, and higher converting eCommerce platform. Using a FREEmium go-to market strategy, the company has an integrated, proprietary ready-to-sell marketplace that will lower the barrier of entry worldwide for tens of millions of entrepreneurs to build an online eCommerce business.

2021 has been a year of boom and bust for the commodity markets, but in the end, prices are swiftly higher across the board. Will this continue into next year or are we currently witnessing peak inflation? Join Carley Garner to chat about the signs of inflation, deflation, and speculation as well as how it could impact asset prices in 2022.

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