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All the talk this past summer and into the fall has focused on one thing: predicting peak inflation, notes Bob Lang of
I recently correctly predicted “The tightening of the Fed and the inventory correction will force commodities and Bitcoin prices to continue to decline,” states George Dagnino of Peter Dag Strategic Money Management.
This video by Alan Ellman of The Blue Collar Investor analyzes the combined strategies of covered call writing with dividend capture.
Day trading is a serious endeavor that shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a day trader you are competing against professionals, algorithms, and large trading firms for profits in the markets, says Steve Burns of New Trader U.
With apologies to Andy Williams, we are now in the most wonderful time of the year — the seasonally favorable six-month period for stocks, observes John Buckingham, value-oriented money manager and editor of The Prudent Speculator.
Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX) — founded in 1989 in Cambridge, Massachusetts — develops therapies to address cystic fibrosis and other diseases, explains Jasper Hellweg, an analyst with Argus Research, a leading independent Wall Street research firm.
The Treasury bond market has experienced an historically anomalous year in 2022, suggests David Dierking, an exchange-traded fund expert and editor of TheStreet's ETF Focus.
Exxon Mobil (XOM) has been a powerhouse stock in 2022, rising 81% year to date. Providing a kicker to capital gains is the hefty yield, asserts Chuck Carlson, dividend reinvestment specialist and editor of DRIP Investor.
Let’s kickstart things and conduct a quick thought experiment, shall we, asks Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders.
Every trade is going to have a different learning experience. This depends on things like risk tolerance, trading goals, and your investing horizon, states Markus Heitkoetter of Rockwell Trading.

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Why the thesis for a multi-year bull market for oil still holds, the generational opportunity in energy stocks and the catalysts that Eric believes will re-rate energy stocks meaningfully higher.
Fidelity's Meghan Chen, digital assets strategist, will be providing a broad overview of blockchain, its value proposition, and key risks to keep in mind when investing.

The inflation-protected bond market started in 1997 when the US Treasury issued TIPS. TIPS have limitations. First, they are bonds so they will absolutely lose money given their duration risk when yields move higher. Second, the only measure of inflation within TIPS is a single index: the Consumer Price Index (CPI). CPI is just one index, like the Dow Jones, is one index. It's not the only way to measure inflation. One-third of CPI is RENT. Rent is not relevant for many as a measure of inflation. Inflation is everywhere in our day-to-day lives. Do you think hiking policy rates will matter? Is the cause of inflation directly related to fiscal spending and money supply coupled with the shortages in the labor market and supply chain disruptions around the world? Will higher US policy rates mean no more chip crisis, or will it bring more truck drivers or end Russia's invasion of Ukraine?

The TINA acronym is often used to inspire optimism for low-performing markets as we've seen in 2022. With a growing ETF market and investors looking to explore alternatives, our industry-leading panelists share what ETF types investors should consider, from rising industries and ESG to factor ETFs, as well as the ETF strategies and products that make sense right now and into 2023.

Please join Horizons ETFs for a covered call conversation with Brock Smusiak, AVP business development, Horizons ETFs, as he discusses: why use a covered call strategy, active covered call ETFs, covered call writing strategies, and adding diversification to your equity portfolio.
Over the past 31 years, there have been 26 market corrections. During that time, active management has outperformed passive management 19 out of 26 times, with an average rate of outperformance of 1.48%. Join Lisa Langley as she discusses how to best utilize actively managed ETFs to mitigate risk in volatile market conditions.

In this session, MoneySense executive editor Lisa Hannam will discuss strategies with Daniel Straud, the director of ETF research and strategy with National Bank of Canada.
A slowing economy, inverted yield curve, business and consumer confidence declines, join Donald for a market expectation for an aging bull market in 2023.
At the onset of one of the worst health crises in recent memory, many investments seemed to lose touch with fundamentals, as government handouts and dovish central banks led to irrational investor exuberance and extreme risk-taking. Some traditional investments underperformed, offering little in real returns. Now as markets clear out some of the speculations that ran rampant, the fundamental tenets of portfolio construction are gaining in popularity. Over the long term, fixed income has historically played an important role within a portfolio, providing stability, safety, and income. Is now the time to get back to basics?