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Capitulation is getting closer. Brace for impact, oversold conditions soon, states Lucas Downey of
Covered call writing is not a zero-sum strategy. Both the option-seller (call and the call buyer can be successful, states Alan Ellman of The Blue Collar Investor.
Political shenanigans in Washington D.C. are once again to the fore as a short-term spending bill was dramatically dragged over the line at the weekend, states Ian Murphy of
In the dynamic world of finance, one truth remains constant: informed decisions can be the linchpin that separates investment success from failure, states Konstantin Rabin of LearnFX.
One of these days I’m going to wake up, see bond yields plunging, and stocks soaring. Today is not that day.
Markets have trembled — and gold has weakened — because investors are finally starting to take the Fed seriously and the US economy keeps refusing to collapse. Still, with a global economy built upon a foundation of zeroed interest rates being pummeled by one of the harshest tightening cycles ever seen, everyone seems to be simply waiting for whatever will spark the next crisis, explains Brien Lundin, editor of Gold Newsletter.
Food distributor Sysco Corp. (SYY) has a long history of steady dividends and regular dividend increases. It has paid a dividend every quarter since it went public in 1970. Though it faced severe headwinds during the pandemic, the forward outlook is also bright, notes Bob Ciura, contributing editor at Sure Dividend.
BlackRock (BLK) is one of the leading investment management companies in the US, best known for its expertise in fixed income asset management. The firm had more than $9 trillion in assets under management (AUM) as of June 30, and we think it will continue to gain market share, aided by its significant scale and strong reputation in the marketplace, writes Cathy Seifert, analyst at CFRA Research.
Technology bulls started Friday in fine fighting spirit following a weaker than expected inflation report. At one point, the Nasdaq 100 index climbed to 1.4% gain, states Jon Markman, editor of Strategic Advantage.
After September, in comes October with the bearish price action plus the high put/call ratio, the market is a ripe environment for a short squeeze, says Danielle Shay of

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Join trading legend and serial entrepreneur, Tom Sosnoff, for a 45-minute real-time earnings strategy session utilizing the tastytrade platform.

Tune in to learn about how extrinsic value is made up of time and implied volatility value, and how binary events like earnings can affect this greatly - also learn about specific strategies that play into this!

Join this presentation for an exhilarating exploration into the world of day trading with one of the industry's foremost experts, Fausto Pugliese. In this exclusive webinar, "Day Trading Using Order Flow and Level 3," Fausto will reveal the strategies and techniques that have propelled him to the pinnacle of the day trading world.

In 2022 Alex Spiroglou was awarded the NAAIM Founders Award, for advances in Active Investment Management (2022) and the CMT Association Charles H. Dow Award, for outstanding research in Technical Analysis (2022), for his paper MACD-v: Volatility normalized momentum. In this presentation, Alex will show you how to use this innovative tool, that fixed and improved the five limitations of the classic MACD.

The venture capital landscape has historically favored institutional players, leaving retail investors to engage post-IPO, missing substantial pre-IPO gains. For instance, a pre-IPO investment of $10,000 in Robinhood would now be $3.3M, and in Coinbase, over $1M. While Aries initially partnered with traditional VC, our subsequent funding rounds aim to level the field for retail investors, embodying our belief that a company is stronger when its users are also its investors. A true "people's broker" should be owned by the people.
Currently Ian's favorite method for generating profits, this pure play on the US stock market requires attention for just one hour a week on Friday afternoon and is ideal for part-time traders and investors. The strategy is based on stocks making new yearly highs and lows where the signals to enter and exit positions are simple to identify and require no special skills or trading platform. In this 30-minute FREE presentation, I will give a comprehensive introduction to the strategy and share some recent real-life trades executed on my own account with the aid of marked-up charts.

Join Michael as he describes where the following misconceptions came from, and then he will explain the reality: (1) Options are risky, (2) Covered call writing caps upside potential in the stock, (3) When selling options, it's best to do so on high-volatility names, (4) Low levels of the VIX signal an impending market decline, (5) You can't get downside protection for free.

Join senior ETF analyst Eric Balchunas for a journey through trends and themes in the fast-growing ETF world using specific tickers. This entertaining presentation includes all major asset classes as well as both active and passive funds. Come with questions...and walk away with new (and potentially very profitable!) picks for the year ahead.

Itbeen a year+ since yields on long-date U.S. treasuries broke above a secular bear market, reversing the bond bull market that began in 1981. The shift in paradigm is huge and itjust now starting to be acknowledged by mainstream economists and media. It's fueling volatility in financial markets. It was the talk of the day at the Jackson Hole symposium. What are the implications of higher for longer interest rates? What are the best investment vehicles to profit from the inflationary era that's redefining investing and trading? In this presentation, Omar will walk you through the breakout rise in treasury yields and how it affects commodities, currencies, and financial markets. Take a seat and buckle up, you're about to go on a wild chart walk!


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